Thursday, February 15, 2018

Duck data:  Sunny days or cloudy days, which is better? 

One of the things my duck hunting friends like to argue about is which type of day is more productive for duck hunting.  Some guys swear by the sunny, blue-bird days while some guys despise those days opting for the cloudy overcast days.  

Well we crunched our own data, from 2 years-worth of hunting logs to see if we could determine which type of day really produced the best duck days.  This is not some official research study, but as it turns out, we put just as many ducks in the logbook on sunny days as we did on cloudy days – literally almost an equal amount.  Not surprisingly, the more important factors in our data were temperature and wind.  

We didn’t settle the argument for or against sunny days – at least not where we hunt - now the argument is "if the wind and temperature are in the right range, does it even matter if it is sunny or cloudy?"  Sunshine sure does seem to help us hide from the ducks' eyes better.  But otherwise, we at least did confirm that either type of day can be equally productive.  

So, whether you prefer blue bird skies or cloudy days – keep your hopes up, you can put birds in the logbook on either day.  Better yet, start building your own data set of duck hunting logs so you can analyze which days are better for the places you hunt.  I guess we'll have to come up with something else to argue about when the birds aren't cooperating.

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