Wednesday, November 1, 2017

OutdoorMetrix wins Arch Grants!

It's a big day for us at OutdoorMetrix!  We just learned that we have been chosen from among hundreds of applicants and we couldn't be more excited.  As first-time entrepreneurs, we've been boot-strapping this dream from day one.   Not only will Arch Grants give us some much needed working capital, but we'll also be surrounded with other start-up support from legal advice, to mentoring, marketing support and so much more.  One thing we've learned in our start-up journey so far is that little victories matter.  While you look for the home run and dream big, the reality is that you have to keep cranking out hits every day.  Arch Grants is our first home run and it's a springboard for our start-up.  Thanks to everyone at Arch Grants and the greater St. Louis start-up community.  We couldn't be more excited.  This was our second time around as an applicant - the time and effort we put into this process has been educational and rewarding on every front.  If you are an early stage start-up, you should definitely give Arch Grants a shot.  At OutdoorMetrix, we want to give back to the start-up scene, so call us or email us with questions and we'll be more than happy to share our experience, talk about lessons learned and give you any advice we can.  For more info on Arch Grants:

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