Friday, December 1, 2017

OutdoorMetrix. Better Memories. Smarter Hunting.

Technology for Hunters, Anglers and Wildlife Managers

We started OutdoorMetrix with the idea that we could help make hunters, anglers and wildlife managers smarter and more effective by giving them the power of data analytics.  This idea was born out of our own needs as hunters, anglers, land-owners and wildlife habitat managers.  Growing up hunting and fishing and now being fortunate enough to own a small piece of outdoor heaven, we wanted something to help us maximize our efforts and optimize our memories.

Like some hunters and anglers out there, we’ve kept a log of our adventures over the years. We use maps to study hunting areas, identify good spots, pin stands and mark the location of every successful hunt. We use trail cameras and take a ton of pics. The wall of our hunting cabin is covered with pictures of good times, big fish, successful hunts, "hit list" deer we never saw and deer we still hope to see.

Over the years, we recorded hundreds of log entries and accumulated thousands of pictures. We did it for memory’s sake. We also did it because we were trying to get an edge.

Between all the pictures, the marked-up maps, and the log notes, we had a ton of great memories and great data. But it was all scattered, incomplete and disconnected – even worse, we had no way to analyze it all.

OutdoorMetrix integrates these things in a way that helps us track and analyze our results, learn more from our experiences, enhance our memories, predict when and where to go, and plan our next hunt.

It's hunting logs made easy, integrated with weather, maps, and images, enhanced with stats, metrics, and data analytics.  It's a hunt performance, harvest management and trail camera tool for hunters, and wildlife managers.  We hope you like it!

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